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Hey friends!! Today, I’m featuring a delicious recipe by Jennifer from Sweet on Veg… ENJOY!!   A yummy way to enjoy quinoa for breakfast! BLUEBERRY MAPLE QUINOA RECIPE by Jennifer from Sweet on Veg Servings: 2 1 cup quinoa, rinsed 1 1/2 cups water 1 cup non-dairy milk (I used YÜ Basmati Vanilla Rice Milk) Generous drizzle of maple syrup 1 cup fresh blueberries Cook quinoa in one and a half cups of water in a pot, bringing to a boil …

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Healthy Food Access/Resources In LA!

I got a great comment from a friend over on my FB page in regards to my post, Should I Buy Organic? & she brought up a great point about the lack of healthy food access for lower-income communities. This is what she said, ” …I just feel like it’s best to take into consideration that for some people, especially based on ethnicity or race, and in certain areas (rural versus urban, etc) it is much easier to be healthy and …

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Week 2, Day 1 of “Journey to Health”: NRGY PROTEIN SMOOTHIE

Hey friends!! YAY, we made it to Day 8 of the VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR’s “Journey to Health”!!! I’ve had a great time sharing all my simple & yummy recipes with you, I hope you’ve been enjoying them. Today I decided to start working more on my strength training & muscle building, so I made a yummy NRGY Protein Smoothie. Here’s the recipe, Enjoy! NRGY PROTEIN SMOOTHIE: -1.5 cups of your favorite vegan “milk” or water (I used coconut milk) -1 …

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Razones Para Ser Vegetariano

-PAZ y eNeRGYia!! Like what I’ve shared? Buy me a cup of tea, a wheatgrass shot, a cup of atole, Veggie Juice or Dessert!YUM! Buy me a: Cup of Tea $1.00 Wheatgrass Shot $2.00 Cup of Atole $3.00 Fresh Veggie Juice $4.00 Dessert $5.00

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Day 7 of “Journey to Health”

Day 7 was a very emotional day. I spent all morning and most of the afternoon at the hospital with a loved one who is very ill. I didn’t have much eNeRGY to cook or UNcook so VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR and I went over to my mom’s, & she of course welcomed us delicious meals. He had a beautiful salad & a fresh fruit smoothie & I had a burrito with beans, quinoa, salsa & veggies (not RAW). I spent …

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Here is one of my favorite dishes, Vegan Enfrijoladas!! I make these very often!! They’re sooo yummy! Enfrijoladas stuffed with veggie fajitas: (make as many as needed… this recipe is for about 3 people)   Ingredients: -1 bag of Corn Tortillas – 1.5 cups of Refried beans (home cooked are best) -1 yellow bell pepper,  sliced for fajitas -1 large green bell pepper, sliced for fajitas -1 large  red bell pepper, sliced for fajitas -1 large  onion, sliced for fajitas -3 …

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DAY 6 of “Journey to Health”: RAW CASHEW CHEESE

Day 6 of the Vegan Chicano Doctor‘s “Journey To Health“ was amazing!!! I made a delicious RAW CASHEW CHEESE, yum!! It was also our official “Cheat day” for the week, which means it’s the day when we can have whatever we’ve been craving that’s a bit of a processed junk food. However, I didn’t want anything of the sort. Here’s my breakdown of the day followed by a yummy RAW CASHEW CHEESE RECIPE!! OMG It’s amazing!! 8am- woke up, enjoyed an …

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Day 5 “Journey To Health”: NRGY RAW “SPAGHETTI”

Hey friends!! On Day 5 VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR and I enjoyed a yummy RAW SPAGHETTI!! Sorry I didn’t share it sooner, but we had a pretty busy weekend. So far, my “JOURNEY TO HEALTH” is going great. I didn’t commit to doing 100% Raw like the VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR, but I have been doing 80%-100% Raw everyday, so that’s not too bad! How is your journey going? I’d love to hear from you! …. Here’s the recipe for my NRGY RAW SPAGHETTI. ENJOY! …

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NRGY Lentil Fajita Tacos

Hey friends!! Here is one of my favorite easy recipes: NRGY Lentil Fajita Tacos!! YUM!! I make this often, and it’s always so delicious! Enjoy:   Ingredients: -2 cups of dry lentils -water -1 cup of broccoli (chopped) -1 cup of red bell peppers (chopped) -1 large onion -4 cloves of garlic (I LOVE GARLIC) -2 bunches of Cilantro -3 cups of lettuce 3 large tomatoes (chopped) -1 block of firm Organic Tofu (optional) -2 lemons -Your favorite salsa Directions: …

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Should I buy Organic?

 Hey friends!! So I often get the question, “Should I Buy Organic,” and I think it’s an important topic to discuss. We hear that organic is better, but it can also be more expensive. So what is the verdict on Organic? Let’s find out: First, lets start with, “What is Organic?“: According to the National Organic Program of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), organic farmers use renewable resources and growing methods that conserve soil and water. Crops are produced …

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