Jugos, Juices!!


Over on my FB page I post a lot of pictures of the juices I make & I’ve been getting a lot messages from friends asking me for some juice recipes/info… Well, here you go:  :)




Before I share my jugos let me share a little bit about my experience with juicing. I was born in Mexico but have lived in the US most of my life. When I was younger my family  would visit Mexico quite regularly and one of the things I remember most, other than ridding on the back of a pickup truck down the Plaza & through the milpas, were the jugos frescos, the fresh juices! In every town, you would find a sandwich spot that also served freshly made juices with claims of curing all sorts of illnesses. I must admit, however, I wasn’t a big fan of the veggie juices at the time, but now as an adult I have grown to LOVE them!!


Juice place in Highland Park


When I started training for my first marathon in 2008 I really wanted to have a clean diet, so I started making wheat grass shots every morning. I had heard they had the same amount of nutrients in one shot as 1 glass of veggie juice, I figured it would be easier to down one shot than an entire glass!! hehe… However, me being a self-proclaimed queen of experimenting in the kitchen, I decided to give other things a try. As most first time juicers, I started off with fruit juices. They were so sweet and delicious, and of course gave me that huge burst of energy I wanted before a run. I never got the “crash” some people get, but I did notice my body started craving HUGE salads about an hour after my runs. Slowly, I decided to start adding some fruit/veggie juices, and now I juice EVERYTHING!!

I’m very lucky that my neighborhood has several fresh juice places where I can pick up a juice when I’m in a hurry,

but when I have some time I really enjoy juicing. Here are a few of my favorites, ENJOY!!!

First up, Watermelon Juice!


!!This is my go to post cardio/run drink!! It’s amazing & ever since I first made it, my body has been craving it after every work out. Lucky for me, it’s summer & watermelons are everywhere at great prices. Here’s what you do:

- Wash the watermelon thoroughly

- Slice it into small pieces, you know how well your juicer can handle more difficult rinds so cut as small as you need to.

- Juice the entire watermelon, YES EVERYTHING, rind included!!! If not you’re missing out on all the amazing things it has like chlorophyll, calcium, vit C, etc….

- Serve & Enjoy!!!!

*If your juicer can’t handle the rind then it’s ok not to juice it, but if it can’t don’t be afraid & throw it in!!

NRGY Red Juice:


I love my NRGY Red Juice, the color is so beautiful & strong! In Mexico they nickname this juice “Vampiro” aka Vampire!! Can you guess why? hehe…..

-2 medium beets

-2 cups of greens(Kale, mustard, collard, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, etc… whatever you have available)

-3 small carrots

-1 lemon (rind included!)

-2 cups of grapes or 3 apples or 3 oranges

-1 medium cucumber

-2 small tomatoes or 4 cherry tomatoes

- 2 sticks of celery

This juice is a great eNeRGY boost!


Last,NRGY Green Juice! Yes, I said GREEN JUICE!!! hehe….

I don’t know why everyone is so afraid of it, it’s delicious!! I’ve made several variations of it, but here’s one of my favorites:

-4cups of greens (Kale, mustard, collard, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, etc… whatever you have available)

-4-6 small apples or 3 large apples (It also depends on the apple, some are sweeter than others, so play with the recipe)

-2 stems of celery (celery is a little too salty for me so I don’t add to much)

-2 inches of ginger (I like mine with a little more kick so I add more)

-1 bunch of parsley or cilantro

-1 medium lemon (rind & everything!)

-1 medium cucumber (optional)

My papa Luis downing one of my NRGY Green Juices!! He finished it in one “slurp” & said it was good! <3
ps: If you plan on doing a juice cleanse please consult your family physician before doing so! :)

Like what I’ve shared? Buy me a cup of tea, a wheatgrass shot, a cup of atole, Veggie Juice or Dessert! YUM! :)

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