Since yesterday was my dad’s bday, I figured it would be appropriate to dedicate a post to him. The man who taught my siblings and I compassion for others, family values, work ethic, how to kick butt if we need to, passion for our work, love for amazing food, the importance of an active lifestyle (he’s been doing Martial Arts/MMA fighting for most of his life) and sooooo much more!!!  Lets start with a little background on my dad….

My dad, Juan Gonzalez, was born in a small town in rural Michoacan, Mexico. His parents owned land and farmed corn, garbanzo, chiles, and several other crops. He spent his days as a young child getting up before sunrise, and heading to work the land with my grandpa, Don Camilo Gonzalez, and his 4 older brothers. My grandmother, Doña Dolores Gonzalez, would stay at home with her 3 daughters taking care of their animals, doing chores and cooking.

Although my dad loved living in a beautiful green & lush town, he longed to go to school. You see, his small town only had an elementary school, and the nearest middle school/highschool was 2 towns away, which was a 4 hour walk or 2 hour bike ride. So at the young age of 9 he left home to pursue his education. He went onto study Engineering in Morelia, the capital of Michoacan. There he met my mother, a young nurse. When a big economic crisis hit Mexico in the mid-1980′s, as well as a devastating earthquake, my parents made the difficult decision to  leave their country of origin, families  & lives behind to pursue a better life in the US.

My dad quickly got a job as a dishwasher, after a few months enrolled in ESL classes & within a year he was in culinary school. He went onto become the Head Chef at Pritikin Longevity Center, a place where A-list clients/celebrities would  go to learn how to adopt healthier lifestyles with the help and guidance of nutritionist, personal trainers & their head chef, my dad.



In later years, my dad, was the Head Chef at a 5-star luxurious hotel in Santa Monica, several popular/trendy LA Vegan restaurants, caterer to the stars ( Michael Jackson, Pamela Anderson, NBA players and many others!)  & private chef. But to me, he is the person who very lovingly sat me down when I told him I wanted to be a vegan & said, “GREAT! Lets teach you how to be a healthy vegan, not a junk food vegan.” I owe my passion for health, nutrition & food to my dad. Thank you dad!!!

with Kenny Ortega [Producer of "This is It" (Michael Jacksons tour) & later the "This is It" film]... He catered his bday party a couple of weeks ago

with Kenny Ortega [Producer of "This is It" (Michael Jacksons tour) ]

Now he continues working as a personal chef as well as catering vegan events, such as my VEGAN MEXICAN WEDDING  coming in a few months… WOOHOO!! So of course, I will be sharing a post on that later.

My dad is the most talented Chef I know, so look out for many great projects to come!

He donated these POWER VEGAN Healthy BARS to a charity Vegan Bakesale in LA


PS: I host “VEGAN GARDEN BRUNCHES” & of course Chef Juan Gonzalez caters them, hopefully you are able to join us for the next one :)


he catered the “VEGAN GARDEN BRUNCH” I hosted…he catered the "VEGAN GARDEN BRUNCH" I hosted...

Chef Juan Gonzalez has a passion for cooking and an even greater passion for making “healthy” taste great.”



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