Dia de Los Muertos/Day of the Dead

Me as a Calavera :)

Every  year I wait patiently for  the temperature to cool, the days to shorten and for the sweet smell of Marigolds. I know that when that time comes  my favorite celebration is soon approaching, Dia de Los Muertos/ Day of the Dead.  Dia de los Muertos was originally a ritual practiced by the indigenous people of Mesoamerica, and later because of  colonization it became a mix of Indigenous and Catholic rituals.

My Altar

I’ve always been very fascinated with the celebration of LIFE through the celebration of Death.  And so, for the past 5 years I’ve been celebrating this wonderful day. On this day, many build altars to honor those who have passed away, make bread for the dead and make offerings for the spirits. When I became a Vegan I wanted to continue these wonderful traditions, but of course, put a vegan spin on things!  ;)

Altar at Self Help Graphics Day of the Dead

This past November I celebrated Day of the Dead at Self Help Graphics in East Los Angeles. This was the first year they would be hosting it at Belvedere Park. The event was a success and it featured lots of wonderful local artists/artesanos, musicians, food vendors and a great crowd. I joined the celebration wearing a walking altar that paid honor to all those defenseless animals that suffer by the hands of man. It wasn’t the most popular altar, as you would imagine, but it did get a lot of people talking about Veganism and Animal Rights.

I also made the traditional Pan de Muerto/ Bread for the Dead.  It came out AMAZING!!! My family, who isn’t the most veg-friendly, loved it.  They kept sneaking into my batch & stealing it…lol…

All done!! YUM!

I hope that  this inspires you to continue to honor your traditions even if you follow a lifestyle different from others. It shouldn’t impede you from continuing to hold onto your traditions.  Rather, it should empower you, and make it a fun adventure to see how you are going to change things to work with your needs. Peace! :)


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