Hot Chocolate for those cool nights!


Anytime you make a change, whether in life, school, or work, you try to anticipate all of the adjustments you’ll need to make. Some changes are easier than others and for me one of the biggest changes I had to adjust to was finding vegan products similar to the ones I grew up loving.

After making the decision to become a vegan one of the first things I ran over to check was my ABUELITA Mexican chocolate. It had been a “comfort food/drink” for me as far back as I can remember, and I kept my fingers crossed hoping  it would be vegan friendly. Unfortunately, it wasn’t, so I went on a search for a replacement.

The problem was, how would I replace something that not only tastes great but also has a lot of sentimental value to me? Well, I learned that you don’t, you simply find something new to love.

During one of my outings to Whole Foods I came across “Moscafe Azteca D’oro.”  Not only is it vegan friendly but it is amazing! It’s mixed with the right amount of spices to give comfort any time. I usually like to pour it into some Almond milkwhich has one of the creamiest  textures of the alternative dairy drinks.

So, as the cooler weather approaches I recommend you check out this wonderful product to help warm you up, and of course, to comfort you. Enjoy!!!  :)


ps: I also recently saw it at Smart-n-Final — that’s where I took the picture you see above. It’s twice as big as the one in Whole Foods and about twice as much in price as well.

Like what I’ve shared? Buy me a cup of tea, a wheatgrass shot, a cup of atole or Veggie Juice! :)

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