Growing up, my mom would make something called MORISQUETA at least once a week. I would complain that she would make it too often, and I felt it was strange that none of my friends had ever heard of it. It’s not a weird dish, just very unique to a certain part of Mexico. Morisqueta is a rice dish from the state of Michoacan that  is usually comprised of white rice, pinto beans and chorizo.

When I became a vegan I suddenly wanted Morisqueta more than ever. I’m a disciplined person so i was able to get over my cravings fast, but I did feel like I was giving up a little piece of my childhood and culture by cutting out Morisqueta.

One day, I accompanied my mom to our local Mexican Market where, unbeknownst to me, I was about to make the best discovery of vegan goodness. I walked over to the freezer and noticed something that read, “SOY CHORIZO“. I did a double take, as I couldn’t believe that there was such a product. I quickly grabbed one and read the ingredients and yes, it was vegan!

I took it home and after close to a year without Morisqueta I finally had my first bite of it. All these emotions came rushing and I was overlwhelmed by my excitement. You see, morisqueta had become a dish that only those from the area I was born recognized, so in an odd way I felt a bond with my family andpaisanos.

Of course, this isn’t something I eat every day, but now and then when I need a reminder of my childhood I have a big plate of Morisqueta. A taste of Michoacan. :)


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