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So since the VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR will be starting his awesome JOURNEY TO HEALTH this Tuesday, & I will of course be supporting him along the way & creating all of his yummy RAW MEALS, I decided I to share a little bit about my own fitness routine.

As many of you know I LOVE exercising!! Not so much for vanity, but for health! I try to practice yoga everyday, even if it’s only a few downward facing dogs or backbends. I feel it helps kick start my day or give me a lil boost of eNeRGY if I’m feeling down.  (btw, the yoga I practice is YOGHISMO which is very popular in Latin America)

I have also started doing Tai Chi & I’m so in love with it. I’ve learned how to be in a calm, meditative, yet deeply aware state! It’s an intense mental exercise, but it also helps you create great body control & flexibility. If you happen to find a teacher/group in your area that practices it, you should consider checking it out.

I also train for long distance races (marathons, half marathons) at least once a year. And although I am not a great runner, I’ve fallen in love with running. When you train for long distance running, you spend a lot of time with your own thoughts, and while for some that may be difficult, I really enjoy it. I try to clear my mind & simply be in the moment, how many opportunities do we get in our busy/hectic lives to do that?

Running my first marathon! (26.2 miles)

Running the Pasadena 1/2 Marathon (16.1 miles)

Running the Pasadena 1/2 Marathon (16.1 miles)

Of course, running is also an amazing workout, but I like to think of it more as a “Ceremony”. Before I start a run, I set an intention or I dedicate my run to someone going through a hard time. And as I’m struggling or feel like giving up, I think of that intention or that individual & I feel inspired to keep going or push harder. I figure that positive vibration of healing eNeRGY will hopefully reach them & help them with their situation. I rarely tell the person I am dedicating a run to them, but I hope that on some level they know.

Of course, there are days when I am not in the mood to do anything too crazy so I take advantage of those days & go on a hike where I get to really “stop & smell the roses.” I love discovering new trails, & seeing my beautiful city (Los Angeles) from a different view.

The point is, whatever you do, do it with positive intention & do something you ENJOY!! Don’t go out for a run if you HATE running, don’t go to the gym if you hate crowded spaces (like me), don’t do anything you don’t want to do!… DO explore nature & get some Vitamin D, DO have fun with whatever workout you choose to do, DO take care of & listen to your body, DO think of WHY you are about to do “enter exercise here” before you do it, DO set a positive intention, DO accept that you are unique & shouldn’t compare yourself to others, DO stay compassionate with yourself & only go as far as you can….

Let’s create positive changes, together! For our families, for our children, for our communities, for our future generations, for ourselves….


PS:Stay tuned for my: “Easy” NRGY fitness routine video coming soon!! :)

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8 Responses to NRGY FITNESS!!

  1. Haydee says:

    Wonderfully inspirational, as a matter of fact, I think I’ll do some downward dogs right now! I love your page, it is a gift, thank you!

  2. Amanda Bell says:

    How inspiring! I love all of the positivity and strive to keep it pouring into my daily living. Thanks for the love! Totally love the “workout dedication” as motivation.

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  5. Blanca Vasquez says:

    I like the info, I’ll practice your advices. God bless you!

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