Top 10 Reason Why I Practice Yoga!


Yoga by "Volcan Arenal" in Costa Rica

Hey friends!! As many of you know,I LOVE Yoga! I have been practicing Yoga off & on for almost 10 years, and recently I’ve been getting really serious about my practice. I started a new style of yoga (Yoga Yoghismo, very popular in Latin America)  few months ago with an amazing teacher/guru, & have been practicing yoga almost every day.

Treehouse Yoga studio in the Jungles of Costa Rica at the Nosara Yoga Institute

Recently, VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR, his family & I  took a wonderful trip to Costa Rica, & it ended up turning into a Yoga/Wellness Retreat! We were practicing yoga everyday in the Jungle (Nosara Yoga Institute), breathing fresh air, eating fresh local organic food & loving it. The trip made me fall even deeper in love with yoga, so I decided to share with all of you MY top 10 reason why I practice Yoga. Enjoy:


10) Increased Flexibility:Being able to reach beyond your toes & bending your body in ways you never have is a beautiful thing :)

My lil cousin doing Yoga at Griffith Park <3

My lil cousin doing Yoga at Griffith Park <3

9) Increased Strength:I’ve always said to myself & to others, “Oh I can’t lift that, I have a weak upper body.” Well, with yoga alone I’ve been able to increase my strength, & can no longer use that excuse to get out of lifting things hehe.

doing Yoga Costa Rica

doing Yoga Costa Rica


8 ) Less stress: Yoga has really helped me learn how to relax & not stress out over day-to-day things. Stress is almost inevitable in our modern lives, however, it is also linked to many diseases, so we need to manage our stress if we want to live, long, HEALTHY, happy lives :)

Stress-free in Costa Rica! Pura Vida!


7) Better Concentration: Now that I’ve been doing Yoga regularly, I feel like I am able to better concentrate on important tasks & really focus on what I’m doing. I get distracted & bored very easily, and I would usually have to try very hard to stay focused, but now that focus comes naturally.

6) Injury Prevention:This one is very important, especially for runners/athletes. When I first started training for marathons (on my own), I decided it might be a good idea to do yoga after every run, just so I wouldn’t feel too sore. Well, turns out it also helps with injury prevention. It strengthens my muscles, bones & joints, so now they are happier when they are being worked extra hard during a run.



5) Better connection with my partner:If you are in a relationship, encourage your partner to also do yoga. It will bring you together mentally, spiritually & physically. It’s Amazing!  :)

Partner Yoga by "Volcan Arenal" in Costa Rica

Partner Yoga in Costa Rica


4) Helps me stay healthy: Yoga helps improve digestion, blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, and many other amazing things. I rarely get sick, & when I do it’s usually very mild or just for a day or two, and I feel I have yoga & my healthy lifestyle to thank for that. Yoga also helps me with my breathing/prana ( I have asthma), and helps me lower my allergy symptoms.

Enjoying a beautiful salad and Vegan Curry Coconut Soup in Costa RIca

3) Yoga is for everybody: No matter what level you’re at, there is a Yoga for YOU!

My primita doing Tree pose at Griffith Park

2) Living YOGA: This means that I take my yoga practice off the mat. Yoga is a synthesis of mind, body & spirit. Everything we do is yoga,  Moving/Walking= Hatha Yoga, speaking= Mantra Yoga , choices we make=Karma Yoga, praying= Bhakti Yoga & so on… Which is also a reason I’m vegan, Yoga teaches “Ahimsa” which is to not harm others DELIBERATELY. This includes not harming others with our words, actions, thoughts, negativity, etc.

giving a piggy belly rub at Animal Acres


1) Accepting ME: This is one of the most important reasons I practice yoga. It has taught me to accept myself, as I am. I have my own light, my own gifts, and should not compare myself to anyone else. Yoga is about the individual, the journey you create with yourself. It isn’t about doing a pose better than the person next to you, it is about being in tuned with your body, mind & spirit.

At the Nosara Yoga Institure in Costa Rica

I hope this inspires you to practice a few poses everyday! And as we say at the end of my Yoga classes, PAX!


-Peace & NRGY 

ps: Short & Easy NRGY YOGA Flow video coming soon! :)



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