DAY 6 of “Journey to Health”: RAW CASHEW CHEESE

Day 6 of the Vegan Chicano Doctor‘s “Journey To Health“ was amazing!!! I made a delicious RAW CASHEW CHEESE, yum!! It was also our official “Cheat day” for the week, which means it’s the day when we can have whatever we’ve been craving that’s a bit of a processed junk food. However, I didn’t want anything of the sort. Here’s my breakdown of the day followed by a yummy RAW CASHEW CHEESE RECIPE!! OMG It’s amazing!!

8am- woke up, enjoyed an orange & rushed to TAI CHI!!!

8:30-9:30 Tai Chi (an amazing beautiful class)

9:30- I usually stay & go for a hike/run but I had other plans so I went home

9:30-10:30 got ready for my first DANZA performance at Placita Olvera/Olvera Street

10:00- VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR got home & he was so sweet & made a 1/2 gallon big delicious veggie & fruit juice for us, packed some waters & helped calm my nerves with beautiful words of advice from his 20+ years of experience as a Danzante/Aztec Dancer.

10:45- Although we live super close to Placita Olvera/Olvera Street I wanted to make sure I was there on time & not stress out over parking, etc.

11:10 We got to Placita Olvera/Olvera Street, I started downing that Veggie/fruit juice as we enjoyed some Folklorico.

11:45- I started getting ready for my first performance, I kept feeling like I was going to throw up from the nerves lol…

12pm- There were only 4 of us when we started the first dance, so that made me even more nervous!! hehe

12-2 other Danzantes started trickling in, the heat was killer, but it was so worth it to finally have the honor to dance at Placita Olvera/Olvera Street. VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR ended up helping with the drumming so we both were so thankful for that Veggie/Fruit juice. It kept us from passing out!! hehe

"When I was a little girl we would go to Placita Olvera/Olvera Street, & I would watch the Danzantes/Aztec Dancers in awe wishing I was one of them. Today, at 26 yrs old my dream finally come true. Giving thanks for my many blessings!! "


2pm-end of the night: Exhausted, dehydrated & in pain from dancing in “chanclas” for the first time, we said our goodbyes & headed to Oceanside to visit our familia. We went out to dinner, & since it was our “cheat day” we both had a beautiful Veggie Stirfry with Tofu & brown rice (not too bad) & some wine.

It was an amazing powerful day; full of great eNeRGY, laughs & lots of love!!!

How is your “Journey to Health” going?? Share it with me!!

Ok, I’ve kept you waiting long enough, hehe, here is the RAW CASHEW CHEEZE recipe I keep promising, ENJOY!!


-2 cups of Raw Cashews


-1 tablespoon of Miso (light) or probiotic powder



-Soak the Raw Cashews for 2 hours if you don’t have a highspeed blender. If you do skip down to the next step

-Process/Blend the Cashews, slowly add a little bit of water to help ease the process.

-Add miso or probiotic powder

-Add herbs (optional… I especially love a Rosemary Garlic Powder Cheese yum)

-Process/Blend again

-Pour into a glass jar

-Cover with a paper towel & sit it in your oven with the pilot light on

-Allow it to sit for 5-7 hours depending on how fermented you want it & how hot the day is. The more you leave it in there the more “bitter” it will become. The hotter the day is the hotter your oven will be & the faster the cheese will ferment.

-Take it out of the over & serve with some veggies, in raw wraps, with flax crackers, etc…


-Peace & NRGY



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3 Responses to DAY 6 of “Journey to Health”: RAW CASHEW CHEESE

  1. Linda says:

    Thank you Nrgy! It’s great to have someone to relate to that understands this world of good things for the body. You’re a great teacher and so inspiring. Love what you and your handsome fiance doctor are doing! So very happy to know such wonderful people. : ) Love and hugs to you!

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