Healthy Food Access/Resources In LA!

I got a great comment from a friend over on my FB page in regards to my post, Should I Buy Organic? & she brought up a great point about the lack of healthy food access for lower-income communities.

This is what she said, ” …I just feel like it’s best to take into consideration that for some people, especially based on ethnicity or race, and in certain areas (rural versus urban, etc) it is much easier to be healthy and eat right than it is in others. We should always encourage it as best we can though.” And I completely agree with her and wanted to address it.

This was my reply:

“Your point is exactly why I started this blog & why I have been doing free healthy food/vegan workshops/demos in lower-income communities (out-of-pocket). I kept complaining to the LA vegan community that they were keeping all this wealth of information from people in lower-income communities & nothing was being done, so I decided to do it myself.

Yes, we are at a disadvantage for access to healthy foods- there is substantial evidence to that (Food Empowerment Project has done a great deal of research on the subject)-however, if you live in a city like LA there are some options. We have a large number of grassroots movements that are improving the access for healthier foods. Here are a few examples:

- We have seen many more Farmer’s Markets in our communities(Boyle Heights Farmer’s MarketOld LA (Highland Park) Farmers Market are a few examples).

- Community Service Unlimited Produce Stand in South LA offers low-cost organic locally grown produce.

Veggie Voucher Programs by “Hunger Action LA” for low-cost organic food at farmer’s markets.

Food not Bombs gives out free Vegan healthy meals in communities like Echo Park, downtown LA (skid row), etc.

Revolutionary Autonomous Communities, Los Angeles ‘ Food Program, offers free organic food for anyone who shows up (I’ve actually been invited to be a part of it & share my recipes because a lot of people don’t know what to do with e.g. kale, collard greens, mustard greens, daikon radish, etc)…

CSA programs such as the Scf South Central Farm one can be very affordable, & you can get a ton of organic produce for a very low price.

- And of course the occasional organic produce at the 99 cent store, which to their credit has been more readily available & in great condition.

Organic & locally grown IS more expensive- we can thank government subsidizing for that- however it is becoming (very slowly) more accessible for all people, at least here in LA. If you read the blog post, I make it very clear that although organic is better, eating veggies & fruits regardless if it’s organic or not is what’s most important. Eating healthy can be done on a budget & it is my goal to share that with others.

Last, while all that I have mentioned is happening now & is improving this blatant display of food discrimination, a lot more needs to be done. VEGANISM is NOT a low-income, people of color movement, but a lot of us are working very hard to change that, and thanks to yours & your mom’s support you are helping me continue this “free community outreach”.”

So there you have some programs that are available to you if you feel you don’t have access to healthy food in your community. Here are some more resources:

A list of Farmer’s Markets in Los Angeles County

Community Gardens in Los Angeles

Food Stamp Program 

- Food Banks in LA 

- UEPI (The Urban & Environmental Policy Institute (UEPI) is a community oriented research and advocacy organization based at Occidental College in Los Angeles) They have great information & research on “Healthy Food Access”

- Food Water Watch: an organization that works to ensure the food, water and fish we consume is safe, accessible and sustainably produced.

- A Well-Fed World: is a food justice and animal protection organization working with individuals, public interest groups, and political decision-makers to mend our food system.


Any one else have other programs to add?? Please let me know!!! I hope this helps!!

*Thank you FB friend for bringing up such an important point & inspiring this post :)

*If you wish to support my efforts so that I may continue to provide FREE Workshops/Talks/Cooking Classes in low income communities please click the button below & make a donation :)




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