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“See Yourself in Others….”


“All beings tremble before violence.All love life. All fear death. See yourself in others. Then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do?”-Buddha  (The following are pictures of my dogs & the beautiful rescued animals from ANIMAL ACRES… Enjoy) They FEEL love for others…   They FEEL Playful….   They FEEL Free (FINALLY)….  They FEEL curiosity….     They FEEL happiness….  They FEEL the need to help those in need…    They FEEL shy…  They FEEL like showing off …

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Week 2, Day 3 of “Journey to Health”: NRGY Raw Tuna(less) Spread


Hey friends!!! Yay, we’re in week 2 of the VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR’s “JOURNEY TO HEALTH“. I hope you are going strong and really enjoying the journey, and if you’re just joining us, WELCOME!! My week two is going great, I had taken a little time off from going to my Yoga center (was still doing yoga at home), and today I finally went back. It was great to see my amazing guru, and fellow yogis- it always feels like home .. …

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