“See Yourself in Others….”

“All beings tremble before violence.All love life. All fear death. See yourself in others. Then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do?”-Buddha

 (The following are pictures of my dogs & the beautiful rescued animals from ANIMAL ACRES… Enjoy)

They FEEL love for others…


They FEEL Playful….


They FEEL Free (FINALLY)…. 

rescued rooster at ANIMAL ACRES recovering from injuries

They FEEL curiosity….



They FEEL happiness…. 

They FEEL the need to help those in need… 


They FEEL shy… 

picture taken by Ricardo Toland

They FEEL like showing off (hehe)…. 

They FEEL hunger….


They FEEL when they are LOVED…. 


They FEEL inspired… 

They FEEL when they are in safe company….   

They FEEL relaxed….

They FEEL intrigue…. 

They FEEL comforted….

They FEEL safe…. 

When Bruno was only a few months old he was being taken to a slaughter-house to become VEAL down the highway in Colorado, but along the way he fell off the MOVING truck. He was injured, but by some sort of miracle Lorri was driving by that same highway & rescued him.

They FEEL compassion for others…. 

Maya & Canela keeping Capulin company during his last hours of life...


THEY FEEL…. That is all that matters….






You don’t need to be human to feel love, fear, happiness, pain…. LET’s make the connection, they have…



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