Week 3, Day 3 of “Journey to Health”: Fitness Update


Hey friends!! Hope you’re having a wonderful time changing your diets & increasing your fitness, I know I am…. I wanted to share with you an update on my fitness routine… I’ve been doing at least 1hr of exercise everyday for the past 3 weeks now- I get bored very easily so I have to always change it up (NRGY FITNESS). 

A little over a month ago I was in a car accident & had several injuries which have kept me from doing intense exercise, but after some physical training and yoga I’m feeling stronger. Unfortunately, I started noticing that I  had lost some definition (noticed some giggle), so these past few days I started to increase my strength training. Today, I followed the VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR’s: Bodyweight Exercises for Beginners- A Photo Tutorial , and I added a bit of cardio as well. WOW!! It really challenged me, it was one of the toughest workouts I’ve ever done. So my new “Journey to Health” goal is: increased muscle, more definition and greater strength. Wish me luck!! :)


Here are some pix from a few weeks ago, I can already see results. Pix of my results will be coming in the WEEK 4 update! :)

DAY 1!DAY !!


DAY !!

*Btw, I was feeling really down after my accident because it had put my Marathon training on hold, but I think I’m going to be able to get better on time… Fingers crossed :)

-Peace & NRGY


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