NRGY Chayote, Mexican Zucchini & Garbanzo Chipotle tacos


Hey friends!! Today, I was craving something hardy & I had some beautiful chayotes & some mexican zucchini, so I decided to use them for stuffing in my tacos. Growing up, we had chayotes growing in our yard & I never dared to eat them. They seemed too “healthy” hehe, and guess what? They are very healthy, and delicious! Chayotes are a good source of potassium,calcium, magnesium, low-calorie food and are a mild anti-inflammatory food. Small mexican zucchini is a great source of Vitamin A, potassium & is a low glycemic food. Both are believed to have been first cultivated in Mesoamerica, so they seemed like a perfect stuffing for my tacos.

I did want to add a little bit of protein so I added some beautiful garbanzos/chickpeas to the mix. The recipe came out delicious, full of flavors & textures. Pair them with my yummy NRGY VEGAN HORCHATA for a filling & delicious dinner… I hope you enjoy it!!

NRGY Chayote, Mexican Zucchini & Garbanzo Chipotle Tacos: (4 servings)


-1 bag of your favorite tortillas or homemade tortillas (for a low carb version use lettuce leaves)

- 1 cup of dry garbanzos & water for cooking (canned are ok, but use the unsalted ones &  rinse them thoroughly before using)

-2 chayotes & water for steaming

-2 Mexican zucchini

-2 large tomatoes

-1/3 cup of chipotle sauce

-1 onion

-2 cloves of garlic

-1 bunch of cilantro

-2 cups of chopped cabbage

- Avocado (optional)

-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

- lemon to taste


- Wash all vegetables

- Cube the chayote into small pieces & steam for 10 minutes to soften them up

- Boil the garbanzos for 5 minutes or until soft

- Chop the tomatoes & the cabbage into small pieces & set aside.

- Cube the zucchini & set aside

-Chop the onion & garlic & place on a pan with oil over medium heat

-Add the Garbanzos & give them 2 minutes, after 2 minutes smash them with your fork

- After the chayote has steamed add it to the pan along with the zucchini

-Allow it to cook for about 10minutes or less

- Add the chipotle sauce, give it a toss & allow it to cook for 2 minutes

- You don’t really need to add any salt, as the chipotle sauce will already be salty.

- Heat up your tortillas & add the stuffing, top with fresh tomato, chopped cabbage, slices of fresh avocado, a bit of lime & if you want an extra kick add some extra chipotle sauce on top. Pair them with my yummy NRGY VEGAN HORCHATA & Enjoy!!




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7 Responses to NRGY Chayote, Mexican Zucchini & Garbanzo Chipotle tacos

  1. AO says:

    hey Hilda,

    I haven’t dared to eat chayote again. I use to eat it when I was small. My dad would boil them cut them up and squeeze lemon and Tapatio on them, but one day they just didn’t taste that great so I haven’t had them since. This recipe looks deliciosa!!

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  3. Charlena says:

    Oh Yummy, I cannot wait to make these :)

  4. Dina says:

    Gracias por la receta !! Will be making these tacos a second time, both mi pareja y yo nos encanto !!

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