NRGY Post Holiday “Cleanse”

So lets be honest, most of us over eat during the holidays. I know I did! I’ve been feeling so full and my poor stomach is not very happy with me. That’s why I decided to ease into a juice cleanse to give my body a “rest”. If you’re feeling like I am then join me and the VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR! This is what we’re doing:

(Credit for this cleanse goes to Sirenita del Mar and Shaman’s Vision Sacred Arts Center… I learned a version of this cleanse from them, I just changed it a little bit to fit my lifestyle)

Day 1:

-Juice in the morning. We had a yummy green juice!

-If you eat meat then today you start cutting back on your meat intake.

-If you’re already vegan/vegetarian then you start cutting back on your cooked food.

-We were initially planning on eating 100% RAW today but since we still had some leftover food & we hate having food go to waste we decided to finish it today.

-Go shopping for the produce you’ll need for your juices. Check out my Juice recipes on this post: JUGOS/JUICES! 

Day 2:

-Enjoy a juice for breakfast.

-If you eat animal products, then today you want to cut out all animal products and only eat plant-based foods.

-If you’re a vegetarian/vegan you want to eat 100% RAW/Uncooked food today. Recipe ideas check out my RAW RECIPE CATEGORY

- Start a “journal” for this cleanse. Trust me, a lot of issues, emotions, etc. come out during cleansing.

Day 3:

-Enjoy a Juice for breakfast

-If you eat animal products then today you should only be eating RAW/UNCOOKED foods. I have a lot of easy recipes:


-Sirenita Del Mar’s RAW Recipes




-AND many more raw recipes HERE

-If you’re a vegan/vegetarian, welcome to your First day of JUICING!

-I’ve been asked: How many juices should I have a day? My answer is: have as many as you need! If you feel hungry, have a juice! :)

Day 4-6:

-By Day 4 everyone should be juicing 100% of their meals.

- By this time, you WILL start to feel the “detoxing”. You may be irritable, short-tempered, etc. Especially if you’re addicted to things like caffeine! It is very important that you take this time to explore methods of relaxation like YOGA! Check out my blog posts on Why I love Yoga!

Day 7-9: 

Because I lose a lot of weight when I juice, I usually ease out of the cleanse at day 7. I start eating whole fruits towards the end of the day, so that by day 8 I’m eating all raw foods and back to cooked on day 9.

-If you would like to continue you should know that it is not recommended to go more than 7 days on a juice cleanse without medical supervision. So be careful!

**I like to keep fresh young coconuts when I do a juice cleanse. The water has lots of electrolytes, so it helps me feel strong.

**If I’m training at the time of my cleanse as I am now (training for the LA Marathon) I may add a Raw blended smoothie for one of my meals for a bit more protein. 


On the first day you decide to ease out of your Cleanse, start to eat fresh whole fruits towards late afternoon. By the next day, you should have 1 juice in the morning, fruit in between, raw salad for lunch, and another juice or fruit for dinner. By this point, most people feel very calm, the frustrations are usually gone, and they feel “cleansed”. Many love the feeling, and continue eating raw & juicing for much longer. You know what is best for you, so you are the best judge of how long your cleanse should go.
Things to Remember:

-Absolutely no alcohol during this time. This is pretty obvious, you’re cleansing! hehe

-It is suggested, especially during the juicing, to only use organic produce.

- Avoid going out to bars, restaurants, events, etc where you know you may be tempted to break the cleanse.

-Stay away from people who may act negatively about the cleanse

- Make sure that you are really helping your body cleanse (ie: drinking lots of water ,drinking green tea, enema, taking wheat grass shots, etc)

- It is very important that you avoid toxic situations. Meaning, avoid stress & negative people. While it is understandable that stress & negativity are abundant in our modern lives it is very important that the individual that is undergoing this cleanse really try hard not to allow such situations to take over their emotions.

When we cleanse, we also cleanse our spirits, so it is very typical that emotions and/or issues we haven’t dealt with come up during this time.
Be ready!

Our ancestors used to cleanse quite often, so this is not a “new age” thing, we have just become disconnected from how to take care of our own bodies. Cleansing is an amazing gift we give our body, mind & spirit-This is YOUR journey, so make it fun!…Best of Luck!


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