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NRGY Raw “Candy”

Hey friends! I want to share with you one of my favorite treats! I call them candies because they are so sweet and delicious. These are a lot healthier than your usually processed candies, easy to make & will help fight that “sweet tooth”. Enjoy! Ingredients: (makes 10 NRGY Raw “Candies”) -5 dates (sliced in half) -2/3 cup of Raw Almond Butter -Raw Cashews – Raw shredded dry Coconut -Cacao nibs -1 tablespoon of Vanilla X-tract Directions: -Slice the dates …

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Two 10min Meals: NRGY Miso Kale Soup & NRGY Kale wrap

Lately I haven’t had a lot of time to cook elaborate meals, so I’ve been getting creative… hehe… I bought a ton of Organic Kale so here are two meals that include some yummy kale. Enjoy   NRGY Miso Kale Soup: (serves 2) Ingredients: -7-8 stems of Kale -Miso -Green Onions Directions: -Wash the kale( I used about 7 stems of organic curly kale) -Chop the kale ( I honestly just used my hands to shred it) -chop a few …

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How to become a Vegan in 10days!

Hey friends, I’m back! Sorry for the brief recess, but I found myself in a very busy and overwhelming schedule. That’s not an excuse though, I have a commitment to you as a reader to continue sharing great information, so I apologize. I wanted to come back with a simple post, but I’ve had several requests to post a “How to become a Vegan” post, so here you have it!  I tried to think of an appropriate length of time that …

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