Hey friends, so recently I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the “color” of my food. I love color!! I love the way I feel when I wear something bright, I love walking into a place & feeling like I’ve entered a rainbow. Color can really affect our state of being, and the same applies to the color of our food. Take a look at the meals you’ve been enjoying, if you were simply going off “looks” , is that truly something you  want to put in your body? We have 5 senses, why limit eating to only a few?

Of course, eating a colorful array of foods also means a more well-rounded diet. Each color indicates a different nutritional benefit.  Our plates should burst with color & life! I read a great quote the other day, “If you want to feel healthy, eat healthy!” How simple and true is that?

When we read about “cancer fighting” foods, “super foods”, etc they are always colorful, fresh, and unprocessed! When was the last time you read that a DOUBLE (heart attack) Bacon (tortured pig) cheese (raped cow) Angus (hormone injected cow) Burger was on a “cancer fighting” list? Eating is as much about health as it is about common sense. Yes it is a science but it’s also instinctual. Our bodies know when something is good for us & when it isn’t, it reacts right away to either one. We know this as children, when we don’t “like” something it’s usually because it made us sick at some point. Children LOVE eating color, their faces light up when they see beautiful colorful plates. It isn’t until we continue to throw unhealthy food at them that they too become addicted and stop following their instinctual cravings for colorful food.

This is something I’ve been very conscious about and these past years I’ve made sure most (I’m not perfect) of my meals are colorful, organic (read my post on Should I Buy Organic?), mostly whole foods & as unprocessed as possible! It’s been a delicious journey and I FEEL amazing!! So  here are a few of the meals I’ve enjoyed this last week. What do your meals look like? Share it with me! :)

Organic strawberries from my Farmer's Market

Post workout Breakfast!! I call this one my "I'm Sexy & I know it NRGY Smoothie" lol.... Fresh strawberries, dates, raw almond butter (a Lil bit), cinnamon, vanilla & rice milk! Yum

Brussels & green beans!! Delicious!


Greens beans, guacamole & spring mix! ... Cook green beans for about 5mins in garlic, chili, water & a touch of braggs

Chips & Salsa from Tribal Cafe in LA!


Cauliflower mash & greens!

Girl's night dinner!! Kale Salad & grilled portobello "stakes"

Piña Colada: orange, pineapple, coconut, banana, ginger & maca from Tribal Cafe in LA!! Yummy!!


Friday night indulgence!! NRGY Vegan Pumpkin pie Oatmeal Cookies topped with flax & hempseeds! No oil, just deliciousness!!

Tofu sandwich from Tribal Cafe in LA


For more tips on eating colorful check out:

Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

Center for Disease Control


Nutrition Data

Eating Colorful to Feel Colorful blog by Araceli Silva

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(Don’t forget to check out VeganChicanoDoctor for great medical/health tips and Dr. Ray’s own personal journey)

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