Welcome! Thank you for checking out my page where I lovingly share all the things I’m passionate about. I decided to start this page to create a space/community where I could share with all of you my experience as a Vegan Mexicana & of course, some delicious recipes! I am also very passionate about Fitness (I run marathons, practice yoga and Tai Chi on a regular basis, strength train,etc), Compassionate Living, Animal Rights, my culture & ancestry, civil rights and many more topics! Please feel free to contact me anytime. I am no expert, I am simply someone who believes in sharing what I’ve learned with others!!

-PEACE & NRGY!   :)



Bienvenidos! Gracias por venir a mi pagina, un espacio en donde comparto con mucho amor las cosas que son importantes para mi. Decidi, crear este espacio para compartir mi experiencia como una Vegana Mexicana, y claro una que otra receta de platillos veganos deliciosos! También tengo mucha pasión por el ejercicio (corro maratones, practico yoga y Tai Chi, levanto pesas, etc), vivir una vida con compasión, Derechos de los Animales, mi cultura y historia, Derechos Civiles, y mucho mas. Por favor no les de pena de mandarme un mensaje si tienen preguntas. No soy ninguna experta, pero creo que es importante compartir lo que e aprendido con mi comunidad.

-PAZ y eNeRGia :)


  1. Jessica Beltran says:

    You are so beautiful for working so hard at what you do. Thank you for all the information. Love you!!!


  2. admin says:

    Aww thanks Jess!! Glad you are enjoying the site… Love ya too!! :)

  3. Karinna says:

    I am so happy to see a Mexicana Vegan Blog! I love everything you do, NRGY! You are such a ray of light and so talented con comida! Let me know when you’d like to write a blog or two for Verdelicious! Best of luck to you always!

  4. Pamela Villasenor says:

    Thanks for the great tips! How about a post about how to reach a healthy IRON intake for those of us fighting anemia while on a vegetarian diet? (Had the low hemoglobin count prior to vegetarianism).

    • Thanks Pam, sounds like a great idea! I’ll link up with Ray so he can give the “doctor” perspective” :)

      • RayAngelo says:

        So, you can get all the Iron you need from leafy green vegetables, specifically Organic Baby Spinach :) Another little tip is using a “cast iron skillet” or “comal” to warm up your tortillas, bread or Vegan pancakes. Before the use of different types of cookware, the heavy cast-iron skillets actually let off enough iron to be considered a “supplement” to the diet.
        *Your friendly, neighborhood VeganChicanoDoctor

  5. Panquetzani says:

    I just added your blog URL to my list of sister blogs. Thanks for taking time to post! -Panquetzani

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