Los Raramuris/Tarahumaras, Veganism & Running… LOVE!!


3 of my favorite topics in one article: Powerful Natives, Veganism & Running… CHECK IT OUT!   “When it comes to the top 10 health risks facing American men, the Tarahumara are practically immortal: Their incidence rate is at or near zero in just about every category, including diabetes, vascular disease, and colorectal cancer. Age seems to have no effect on them, either: The Tarahumara runner who won the 1993 Leadville ultramarathon was 55 years old. Plus, their supernatural invulnerability …

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VEGAN a LA MEXICANA gets a shout out!!


Hey friends!!! I’m so excited to share that, “TURN THE PAIGE, Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian”, has honored VEGAN A LA MEXICANA  and VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR with a wonderful post on the work we’re doing!!! It is my goal to share my knowledge with everyone that is open to it, and I’m so thankful for this great opportunity. Check out the article, and let me know what you think: Energized by Mexican Veggie Couple  -PEACE & NRGY

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Vegan Chicano Doctor


(for English version go HERE) Hola Amigos!! Si me han estado siguiendo en mi pagina de Facebook, VEGAN A LA MEXICANA, talvez miraron la pagina que comparti, VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR, mi prometido!  Me da mucho gusto que el decidio empesar una pagina y compartir todo lo que el a aprendido. El va a empezar su “Camino hacia la Salud”, en el cual va a adoptar una dieta VEGANA CRUDA, y hacer 30-60 minutos de ejercisio todos los dias. Aunque trabaja 12 horas al dia en el …

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Chef Juan Gonzalez


(for English Version go HERE) Como ayer fue el cumpleaños de mi papa, pensé que sería apropiado dedicarle una entrada. El hombre que nos enseñó a mis hermanos y mi compasión por los demás, los valores familiares, ética de trabajo, la forma de defendernos si fuera necesario, la pasión por nuestro trabajo, el amor por la comida, la importancia de un estilo de vida activo (que ha estado haciendo Artes Marciales/MMA por la mayor parte de su vida) y  mucho más! Aqui les va …

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(Spanish Version/Version en Espanol) Hey friends!! So if you’re following my facebook page, VEGAN A LA MEXICANA, you may have seen the link I posted about the, VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR aka my fiance!  I’m sooooo excited he has decided to start a blog and share all of his amazing knowledge!! He will be starting a “Health re-boot” as he begins his next (medical) rotation, will be adopting a Raw Food Diet and working out 6 times a week for 30-60minutes. (here is why) This is all …

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 SPANISH VERSION/VERSION EN ESPANOL Since yesterday was my dad’s bday, I figured it would be appropriate to dedicate a post to him. The man who taught my siblings and I compassion for others, family values, work ethic, how to kick butt if we need to, passion for our work, love for amazing food, the importance of an active lifestyle (he’s been doing Martial Arts/MMA fighting for most of his life) and sooooo much more!!!  Lets start with a little background on …

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Recipes from Mujeres de Maiz: Ancestors Comidas & Healthy Food Ways Workshops


As part of their month of events, Mujeres de Maiz along with the South Central Farm Community Center and Decolonial Food for Thought presented: “Re-membering Our Ancestors Comidas & Ways of Healing The Brown Body,” a 2 day presentation, discussion, ceremony and food preparation workshop led by Claudia Serrato of “Decolonial food for Thought.”     Pix by Joel Garcia & Felicia Montes I contributed and offered my knowledge of plant based diets and superfoods; shared my recipes ; and spoke about the exploitation of …

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