Los Raramuris/Tarahumaras, Veganism & Running… LOVE!!


3 of my favorite topics in one article: Powerful Natives, Veganism & Running… CHECK IT OUT!   “When it comes to the top 10 health risks facing American men, the Tarahumara are practically immortal: Their incidence rate is at or near zero in just about every category, including diabetes, vascular disease, and colorectal cancer. Age seems to have no effect on them, either: The Tarahumara runner who won the 1993 Leadville ultramarathon was 55 years old. Plus, their supernatural invulnerability …

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Week 3, Day 3 of “Journey to Health”: Fitness Update


  Hey friends!! Hope you’re having a wonderful time changing your diets & increasing your fitness, I know I am…. I wanted to share with you an update on my fitness routine… I’ve been doing at least 1hr of exercise everyday for the past 3 weeks now- I get bored very easily so I have to always change it up (NRGY FITNESS).  A little over a month ago I was in a car accident & had several injuries which have kept …

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Week 2, Day 1 of “Journey to Health”: NRGY PROTEIN SMOOTHIE


Hey friends!! YAY, we made it to Day 8 of the VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR’s “Journey to Health”!!! I’ve had a great time sharing all my simple & yummy recipes with you, I hope you’ve been enjoying them. Today I decided to start working more on my strength training & muscle building, so I made a yummy NRGY Protein Smoothie. Here’s the recipe, Enjoy! NRGY PROTEIN SMOOTHIE: -1.5 cups of your favorite vegan “milk” or water (I used coconut milk) -1 …

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10 Razones Porque Practico Yoga!


(ENGLISH VERSION/VERSION EN INGLES) Yoga frente al “Volcan Arenal” en Costa Rica Hola amigos! Como muchos de ustedes saben, me encanta el yoga! He estado practicando Yoga desde hace casi 10 años, y recientemente he estado tomando mi practica mas en serio. Comencé un nuevo estilo de yoga (Yoga Yoghismo, muy popular en América Latina) hace unos meses con un profesor /gurú increíble, y he estado practicando yoga casi todos los días. El estudio de NOSARA YOGA INSTITUTE en el medio de la jungla en Costa Rica   Recientemente,VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR, su familia y yo fuimos en un  maravilloso viaje a Costa Rica, y terminó convirtiéndose en un retiro de Yoga/ Bienestar! Estábamos practicando Yoga todos los días en la selva  (Nosara Yoga …

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Top 10 Reason Why I Practice Yoga!


(Version en Espanol/Spanish Version)     Hey friends!! As many of you know,I LOVE Yoga! I have been practicing Yoga off & on for almost 10 years, and recently I’ve been getting really serious about my practice. I started a new style of yoga (Yoga Yoghismo, very popular in Latin America)  few months ago with an amazing teacher/guru, & have been practicing yoga almost every day. Recently, VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR, his family & I  took a wonderful trip to Costa Rica, & …

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Journey to Health!


YAY!! The time is here, tomorrow, (August 23rd, 2011) we start the VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR’s  “Journey to Health”. I’m so excited! So as I mentioned before, I will be updating the RAW meals I will be creating for the VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR, so make sure you are checking them out, as I will be sharing them often. It’s going to be an exciting next few months, and I really hope you join us on this amazing journey.   Today, in honor to …

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Ejercicio al estilo NRGY !!


(For English version go HERE) Ya muchos saben que el VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR estará empezando su “Camino hacia la Salud” este Martes Agosto 23,2011. Y claro yo lo voy a ayudar y crear su comida CRUDA, haci que decidí también compartir un poco sobre mi régimen de ejercicio.A mi me encanta hacer ejercicio! No por vanidad, pero por mantenerme saludable. Trato de practicar yoga todos los días, y si no tengo mucho tiempo aunque sea trato de hacer algunas poses. Siento que me ayuda a empezar el día con buena eNeRGia, o cuando estoy baja en eNeRGia me ayuda a renovarme. (yo practico el estilo de yoga llamado YOGHISMOque es muy popular en Latino America) También e empezado a hacer Tai Chi y me encanta! E aprendido como estar en un estado de meditación, pero al mismo tiempo muy alerta. Es un ejercicio de la mente muy intenso, pero también ayuda …

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(Spanish Version/Version en Espanol) So since the VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR will be starting his awesome JOURNEY TO HEALTH this Tuesday, & I will of course be supporting him along the way & creating all of his yummy RAW MEALS, I decided I to share a little bit about my own fitness routine. As many of you know I LOVE exercising!! Not so much for vanity, but for health! I try to practice yoga everyday, even if it’s only a few downward …

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(Spanish Version/Version en Espanol) Hey friends!! So if you’re following my facebook page, VEGAN A LA MEXICANA, you may have seen the link I posted about the, VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR aka my fiance!  I’m sooooo excited he has decided to start a blog and share all of his amazing knowledge!! He will be starting a “Health re-boot” as he begins his next (medical) rotation, will be adopting a Raw Food Diet and working out 6 times a week for 30-60minutes. (here is why) This is all …

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