Here is a list of some resources/links I feel are important to share:

Health tips 4rm a Physician’s Perspective (my favorite doctors): 

Vegan Chicano (spanish speaking) Doctor:

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine:

Nutrition Facts by Michael Greger,

Respected nutrition and health researcher, Dr. T. Colin Campbell reveals the truth behind special interest groups, government entities and scientists that have taken Americans down a deadly path:

Dr McDougal:

Dr. Joel Furhman:

Dr. Neal Barnard:



15 Food Myths that May Kill You:

Reversing Diabetes:

Vegan Diet May Reverse Diabetes:

What your plate should look like:

Resources for Diabetes:

Food & Arthritis:

Cancer Resources:




Chicano Resources:


Animal Rights/Activism:

My favorite organization linking Animal rights & Human Rights (spanish version available):

Compassion Over Killing: 

Mercy for Animals:

Meat Video:















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