NRGY’s Amaranth with Fresh Corn & Chipotle Field Roast Sausage

Hey friends!! I want to share a yummy dish I made recently, amaranth with fresh corn, oats, onion, Mexican Chipotle Field Roast Sausage & jalapenos. Very filling & spicy! Amaranth is high in protein, calcium & the essential amino acid, lysine. It has been cultivated for thousands of years by native people in North & South America, the Aztec people called it huautli. It is a delicious alternative to rice, quinoa and other grains. Someone had given me some Field Roast Sausages, and although I usually don’t eat processed vegan meats …

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VEGAN a LA MEXICANA gets a shout out!!

Hey friends!!! I’m so excited to share that, “TURN THE PAIGE, Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian”, has honored VEGAN A LA MEXICANA  and VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR with a wonderful post on the work we’re doing!!! It is my goal to share my knowledge with everyone that is open to it, and I’m so thankful for this great opportunity. Check out the article, and let me know what you think: Energized by Mexican Veggie Couple  -PEACE & NRGY

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Here is one of my favorite dishes, Vegan Enfrijoladas!! I make these very often!! They’re sooo yummy! Enfrijoladas stuffed with veggie fajitas: (make as many as needed… this recipe is for about 3 people)   Ingredients: -1 bag of Corn Tortillas – 1.5 cups of Refried beans (home cooked are best) -1 yellow bell pepper,  sliced for fajitas -1 large green bell pepper, sliced for fajitas -1 large  red bell pepper, sliced for fajitas -1 large  onion, sliced for fajitas -3 …

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Day 2 of “Journey to Health”: NRGY Raw Summer Soup

Hey friends!! So today I made an NRGY Raw Summer Soup for myself and the VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR & it came out really yummy! I had my dad, Chef Juan Gonzalez, try it & his only criticism was, “You should have made some raw tortilla chips to go along with it.” hehe… Good point!  Either way, it’s yummy & if you’re not doing the RAW thing, but still want a yummy fresh meal for these SUPER warm days this is a …

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Journey to Health!

YAY!! The time is here, tomorrow, (August 23rd, 2011) we start the VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR’s  “Journey to Health”. I’m so excited! So as I mentioned before, I will be updating the RAW meals I will be creating for the VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR, so make sure you are checking them out, as I will be sharing them often. It’s going to be an exciting next few months, and I really hope you join us on this amazing journey.   Today, in honor to …

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Chef Juan Gonzalez

(for English Version go HERE) Como ayer fue el cumpleaños de mi papa, pensé que sería apropiado dedicarle una entrada. El hombre que nos enseñó a mis hermanos y mi compasión por los demás, los valores familiares, ética de trabajo, la forma de defendernos si fuera necesario, la pasión por nuestro trabajo, el amor por la comida, la importancia de un estilo de vida activo (que ha estado haciendo Artes Marciales/MMA por la mayor parte de su vida) y  mucho más! Aqui les va …

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(for English Version go HERE) En mi pagina de Facebook siempre estoy compartiendo fotos de los jugos que preparo y e estado recidiendo muchos mensajes de amigos pidiéndome recetas para hacer jugos. Bueno, aquí las tienen!!!  Col Risado/Kale de SOUTH CENTRAL FARM Espinacas de SOUTH CENTRAL FARM Antes de compartir mis jugos permitanme compartir un poco sobre mi experiencia. Yo nací en Michoacan,México pero ha vivido en los EE.UU. la mayor parte de mi vida. Cuando era más joven mi familia y yo visitábamosa  México con …

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Los chiles siempre han sido parte de mi comida. Afortunadamente para mí, los chiles son veganos! Sí, sé que estoy afirmando lo obvio, pero cuando uno empiezan a darse cuenta de las cosas que ya no puede comer, las cosas que todavia  se pueden disfrutar son aún más especiales. Los chiles  originalmente son de  América del Sur y Central, pero  ahora se encuentran por todas partes del mundo, y en muchos platillos deliciosos. No sólo añaden un extra  “algo especial” a …

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(Spanish Version/Version en Espanol) Hey friends!! So if you’re following my facebook page, VEGAN A LA MEXICANA, you may have seen the link I posted about the, VEGAN CHICANO DOCTOR aka my fiance!  I’m sooooo excited he has decided to start a blog and share all of his amazing knowledge!! He will be starting a “Health re-boot” as he begins his next (medical) rotation, will be adopting a Raw Food Diet and working out 6 times a week for 30-60minutes. (here is why) This is all …

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Jugos, Juices!!

SPANISH VERSION/VERSION EN ESPANOL!! Over on my FB page I post a lot of pictures of the juices I make & I’ve been getting a lot messages from friends asking me for some juice recipes/info… Well, here you go:     Kale   Before I share my jugos let me share a little bit about my experience with juicing. I was born in Mexico but have lived in the US most of my life. When I was younger my family  would visit Mexico quite regularly …

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